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H.E.A.R.T. exists to enhance the work environment in which our employees work and serve. Modeling effective teamwork for our fellow staff, we will hear and respond appropriately to employees while also addressing legitimate needs related to tangible and intangible benefits provided to our staff. Our ultimate goal is the furtherance of a healthy, open, and positive work environment for all employees.

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H.E.A.R.T. members:

Cecania Branch

Executive Assistant

Mount Airy Office ext. 1003


Rita Bowman

Director of Human Resources

Mount Airy Office ext. 1114


Kristie Byrd

Director of Family Services-NC

Mount Airy Office ext. 1011


Tabatha Collins

Hospice Aide Scheduler & Supplies

Mount Airy Office  ext. 1037


Meagan Gardner

Administrative Assistant

Mount Airy Office ext. 1036


Bryan Hylton

Hospice Aide

Stuart Office ext. 1555


Phillip Mack

Outreach Provider Representative

Mount Airy Office ext. 1070


Shaina Puckett

QAPI Specialist

Mount Airy Office ext. 1018


Sarah Tweed

Bereavement Coordinator

Yadkinville Office ext. 4507