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Friday October 30, 2015

The following are noteworthy articles on health care and grief support from this week:


Hospice Cat Brings Comfort To Veterans At The End Of Their Lives

"There’s no shortage of highly-capable medical staff at VA Hospice in Salem, Va. to ensure that dying veterans and their families are cared for and comfortable. But one of the facility's most effective caregivers actually has no formal training. His name is Tom, and he’s a cat."


Why Hospice Is the Ultimate Gift

"Donna Rogers, Marketing Director for Auburn Crest Hospice, has come to think of hospice care as 'the ultimate gift when planning the 'road map' through the journey of life.' She feels hospice is a profession that brings comfort, answers, resources and support to both patient and families at a time when they need it most."


Prepare for National Hospice & Palliative Care Month

"November is celebrated as National Hospice and Palliative Care Month in the U.S., a valuable time to engage with your communities to raise awareness and celebrate hospice and palliative care."


Hospice Patients Have Much to Teach About Facing Death, Doctor Says

"Americans' skittishness about death is not lost on Dr. Wayne Thalhuber, a retired longtime hospice doctor. 'It's about goals,' he said."


Hospice: The Last, Best Care

"Jennifer Finley goes to work every day in a health care field that tries to deliver the last, best care at the end of life. 'We're not focusing on a cure,' Finley said. Hospice, Finley said, isn’t a place patients go to get care, it’s a type of care that can be delivered anywhere a patient feels most comfortable."


Patients Find Support in Hospice Care

"Hospice care providers work to dispel those misconceptions as they change the focus to a different set of goals: comfort and quality of life."


Prince William: 'Grief Is the Most Painful Experience Any Child or Parent Can Endure'

"'What my mother recognized back then ­and what I understand now is that grief is the most painful experience that any child or parent can endure.'"


Baltimore Mother Uses Poetry to Express Grief and Healing

"Death impacts everyone involved in different ways, especially family members who go through the grieving process. Baltimore native Teairha Washington found a way to express her grief and channel her emotions in a positive way."


A Dirty Secret Called Grief

"After her mother’s death, Kiran Sidhu found she was expected to ‘move on’ with such bewildering haste that her only option was to conceal her sorrow."


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