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Sunday November 22, 2015

The following are noteworthy articles on health care and grief support from this week:


Gov. McCrory Commends Hospice, Palliative Care Workers (NC Department of Health & Human Services)
"To celebrate the physicians, nurses, social workers, therapists, counselors, hospice aides and clergy working to care for, and preserve the dignity and worth of every individual, Gov. Pat McCrory has proclaimed November as Hospice & Palliative Care Month in North Carolina."


Winona Chaplain, Hospice Workers Find Strength, Beauty in Grief (Winona Daily News)
"Tom Schoen doesn't think he is a superhero, but he believes he has met a lot of them. Schoen is a hospice chaplin and bereavement coordinator in Winona who spends most of his days helping families and terminally ill patients confront death and grief. For Schoen and the other chaplains, nurses and hospice workers, it is inspiring work."


A Couple's Deep Love and Dying Wish Celebrated for National Hospice Month (CBS Philly)
"Marty went first and incredibly, after seven decades together, hours later John died too, on the same day. Angelo says, 'They'll be together forever, so what more could your family ask for, that they're happy. So it was good.'"


Hospice Nurse Is Today Show’s Fan of the Week (Today)
"Kathie Lee and Hoda's Fan of the Week is Kathleen Bewighouse, who manages to never miss the Fourth Hour even though she's a hospice nurse as well a busy single mom of three. Even as she cares for her patients, Kathleen is working on a degree in nursing. Now the ladies are sending her on the much-deserved trip of a lifetime."



Expert Advice for Dealing with Grief over Victims in Paris (KGW.com)
"As coordinator of children's grief services at The Dougy Center in Southeast Portland, Jana DeCristofaro helps people cope in almost every way imaginable. When it comes to a mass tragedy like the recent ISIS attacks in Paris, she says, often, people are struck by a connection they didn't know they had."


Dear Dougy Podcast: Grief and the Holidays (Dougy Center)
"Under the best of circumstances, the fall and winter holidays can be stressful. Add in grieving a loss and they can feel completely overwhelming. In this episode you'll hear suggestions for navigating this time of year and ideas for incorporating memories of those who have died into your holiday traditions."


No Child Should Grieve Alone (Moyer Foundation)
"I would like other kids to know that feelings of loneliness and confusion will pass with time. Your loved ones name won't always make a lump form in your throat, and one day you'll be able to look back with the people who support you in life and recall fond memories of the one you've lost."

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