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Monday April 11, 2016

How many times have we said, "I just can’t seem to get motivated," or, "I can’t find the motivation to get things done?" I have said this myself, and I have heard many other people express this thought also when depressed or grieving the loss of a loved one. The loss of motivation is one of the most common aspects of grief. It is challenging to continue our normal routines and daily activities when our hearts and minds just don’t feel up to it.

During the counseling process, we explore where your motivation came from and how life has changed since your loss. We also look at meaning and how to get your motivation back, as a part of moving through the grief journey.

It is important to understand what motivated you prior to your loss. For example, if a person's spouse was a source of support and encouragement who pushed them to get things done, then when this spouse is gone, so is the motivation for getting things done. In this scenario, it may be helpful to remind yourself of what your spouse would say to you in certain situations. You may even write those statements down and display them where you are reminded each day of your loved one's words to you. 

However, for others, it just isn't that simple. Maybe grief is complicated by depression and other factors such as health concerns. It is important to address these areas before pressuring yourself to complete tasks and other activities. Although it will at some point become necessary to find a new sense of normal and resume certain activities, be patient and gentle with yourself during these early months. Also, allow time for naps and down time, so that you get the rest that you need. 

As you explore your new world and make meaningful connections, your motivation will slowly return. If you would like support with this process, your Mountain Valley Hospice bereavement coordinator would be happy to make an appointment with you.

—Stacie Adams, Bereavement Coordinator (Mount Airy Office)

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