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Saturday May 7, 2016

Mother's Day can be a difficult day for some, from a child who has lost their mother to a mother who has lost her child. The following are recent articles that we hope will provide comfort. If you need additional help, please contact our bereavement department at 336-789-2922 (toll-free 888-789-2922).

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'You're Just Like Your Mother': Celebrating Mother’s Day Without Mom

Excerpt: "As Mother's Day approaches, I've been feeling a little melancholy. You see, I'm thinking about my beautiful mother; she'll be gone 25 years this year, and for some reason, it hit me kind of hard. Perhaps my rogue wave of grief stems from the very number itself. Twenty-five years is a long time. In my 45th year, I have spent more time on this earth without her in my life."


Five Ways to Remember Mom: Managing Grief on Mother’s Day

Excerpt: "Mother's Day can be a hard holiday to handle for those caregivers who have lost their mothers. If it's a recent loss, the omnipresent messages of Mother's Day may feel like too much to bear. If more time has passed, Mother's Day may inspire you to do something special to honor the memory of the woman who will always remain in your heart."


Dealing with Grief on Mother's Day: Love Doesn't Expire

Excerpt: "My daughters were 16 and 14 years old when their mother, my wife, Lauren Chapin, died unexpectedly. Lauren was 50 years old (and The Star's restaurant critic) in December 2008 when she had a brain aneurysm. This will be our daughters' eighth Mother's Day without her, and each year, amid the widespread celebrations of motherhood among their friends and acquaintances, it provokes a deeper sense of loss."


My First Mother's Day Without Her

Excerpt: "I found my grief making room for something different. It wasn't happiness — it’s still too early for that — but perhaps it was a bit of peace. In that peace, I find comfort, and the wherewithal to look at Mother’s Day head on. I may not be able to be with my mom on that day, to call her up to tell her I love her, but the act of remembering and cherishing her makes that day, and each day, filled with her, which is what I really want."


Seven Tips for Speaking with a Bereaved Mother

Excerpt: "Bereaved mothers are everywhere. We've suffered miscarriages, stillbirths, and neonatal deaths. We've lost children to accidents and diseases. We've given up children for adoption, or had our children taken from us in other ways. Though we all grieve differently, we all grieve because we love. The absence of our children doesn't change that. So if a mother's grief feels unimaginable to you, imagine her love instead. Though you may never learn how much it helps, your effort matters."

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