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Children's Support

These individualized services are designed to specifically address the needs of children and families as they face the challenge of coping with chronic or life-threatening illness. A team of experienced professionals can help guide parents and physicians to the most appropriate service. 

Supportive Care

This component offers psychological and emotional support for children and their families through counseling and other related services. 

Health Maintenance 

Services are overseen by a nurse case manager, as ordered by a physician, for children with serious or chronic illness who require home care monitoring and have a need for health promotion, medication compliance and caregiver/patient education. 

We reach out to children and their families, as they face the challenges of coping with loss, through three unique grief care components. 

Brighter Days Children Camp

This annual camp is offered to children and teens ages 6-14 that have experienced the death of a family member or other significant person in their lives. Campers learn that the feelings surfacing during the grief process are normal. They enjoy the fun of camp and gain new skills to help build confidence and hope for the future. 

In-School Education/Support

These groups are designed to meet the needs of schools with students who have experienced grief and need coping skills to help them process loss in a healthy way. Grief and school counselors work together with parents/guardians to provide a safe environment for the expression of feelings and help students learn to move forward despite their loss. 

Individual Grief Support

Individual support by highly skilled staff is available for children who have experienced a loss or who anticipate an upcoming loss. Various therapies are used to help children explore thoughts and feelings. 


This service offers an interdisciplinary team approach to caring for children with life threatening illnesses, who usually have a life expectancy of months rather than years. Hospice includes a variety of services for both patient and their family. A physician, family member, or any member of the community may refer to Hospice.