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Welcome to Mountain Valley’s “Moments Matter” digital library, where you can find the latest issues of our monthly bereavement newsletter. 
“Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone.” 

For millions of bereaved individuals, the opening to the famous Ella Wheeler Wilcox poem Solitude is a powerful and accurate description of how one feels in the middle of grief. The death of a loved one is usually followed by numerous phone calls and visits from friends and relatives. But all too often, the support gradually declines in the days afterward. That’s where Mountain Valley enters with its bereavement services.

When you work with Mountain Valley’s bereavement team, our objective is represented by our organization’s name: Whether you feel up on the mountain or down in the valley, we are here for you. Following a loved one’s death, each primary caregiver is offered 13 months of bereavement services at no cost to him or her. Mountain Valley’s bereavement coordinators are highly-trained and ready at a moment’s notice to offer whatever grief support is needed. 

Mountain Valley provides numerous services to help a person during a time of grief, implemented by an assigned bereavement coordinator. They include, but are not limited to, one-on-one grief counseling at the caregiver’s home or our office, support groups, quarterly phone calls, CareNotes™ and pamphlets, and access to a growing library of books.

For bereaved children, we offer Love’s PEAK services, including individual and group counseling as well as summer camp programs. PEAK stands for “Providing Empathy and Assurance to Kids.” 

Lastly, each person receiving bereavement support automatically receives a year’s subscription to Mountain Valley’s bereavement newsletter, Moments Matter. Your bereavement coordinator welcomes the opportunity to walk with you as you reflect on the past and prepare for the future to make each moment matter.

Laugh and the world may indeed laugh with you. But you never have to weep alone, thanks to Mountain Valley bereavement services.
Below you will find links to all recent issues of our newsletter. If you’d like to sign up to receive the newsletter in the mail or request additional support, please fill out the request form to reach out to a team member. 

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