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Tuesday November 7, 2017


At this time of the year, we are ever aware of the changes that are occurring around us. How quickly the months pass us by! Then comes the cooler weather with rain, wind, falling leaves and, of course, snow. All of this makes us feel cold and raw, like our emotions when experiencing a loss.

Tears, darkness, barrenness, loneliness and never-ending exposure to our overwhelming emotions—we tend to feel these more when there is a change in the weather. We wonder how we are going to get through this quagmire. We take a few steps forward, and then we are reminded of a loved one and that sinking feeling of loss surrounds us.

Our emotions are even tougher when there is a holiday coming up, especially Christmas, when families get together and celebrate. Although seeing family get together is so special, there is an ache in our hearts that takes a long time to ease.

We get to the time of opening gifts. We pick them up and admire the beautiful paper, bows, ribbons and shapes of the packages, and we start to wonder what is inside. Gently, we pull off the bows, ribbons and sticky tape, to avoid ripping the beautiful Christmas paper. We open the box with glee and find the item inside is wrapped in tissue paper, which we slowly pull aside to find the most precious gift—a gift that means the world to you, making your heart sing and your whole self feel happiness.

If you think about it, life is like a gift wrapped in multiple layers with beautiful paper, bows and ribbons. When we are born, the bows and ribbons come off. When we head off to kindergarten, a layer of beautiful paper comes away, and as each cycle in our life evolves, it sheds yet another layer of delight.

We get to the center of the gift box and find that it was love that was wrapped up ever so gently, with so much thought to the shape of the box, wrappings, color, adornments, bows and ribbons. Love comes in so many different layers, reminding us how precious life is.

Life can be tough at times, with unexpected twists and turns. Losing a loved one is one of the hardest things that any one of us will go through. Not one person goes through a loss the same—our coping mechanisms are different, and the grief process is a very personal one. No one can understand what you go through or how you feel, as this journey is personal and private to each of us.

Let your love shine no matter how hard it may be. Love will remind you that life is ever present and we must choose how to move forward and evolve. Life will change, but at the end of the day, love will get us through any difficulty in life.

—Sabrina McKeithan, RN Case Manager (Pilot Mountain Office)

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